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KDU-ČSL proposes a tax package as a measure of support for families

Added 10/8/2019
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At a press conference following a meeting of the KDU-ČSL National Committee the KDU-ČSL First Vice-Chairwoman Šárka Jelínková presented a new tax package designed to support families with children. The package should include for instance an increase in tax discounts on children, tax benefits for working parents or an interest-free loan for young couples.


KDU-ČSL proposes three concrete measures: The first one is a tax bonus on every child. “It is a kind of a maternity grant for working parents” explains Jelínková. The one-time bonus would be paid out in the first month after the childbirth. The bonus can also go to the plus, if there is no tax to deduct, and would cover 15.000 CZK for the first child, 30.000 CZK for the second and 50.000 CZK for the third one.

KDU-ČSL also intends to increase tax discounts for parents varying form 2.180 CZK a year for the first child up to 25.500 CZK for a family with three or more children. The third measure is an optional joint retirement insurance for a married couple that would reduce the existing financial discrimination of mothers on maternity leave resulting in a lower pension.

“Family is the most important thing we have. Unfortunately, the state does not think this way and often forgets about families. Instead of supporting parents the administration sometimes puts big companies in the first place. It is time for a change now. Czech Republic should be a country where families can live easily,” concludes Šárka Jelínková on this topic.

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