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A new threat in EU: "iron curtain" of protectionist measures

Added 7/10/2017
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Michaela Šojdrová - 10. 7: 2017
If there is any issue in the European Union, apart from migration and refugees, which is a matter of dividing the EU countries into two camps, then it is labor market policy within the framework of the EU's free movement of services. It is nothing new from side of western countries, a bit of a return to the rhetoric of a "Polish plumber" 12 years ago, when France was the first to reject a European Constitution in a referendum.
While posting workers affects only 1% of EU staff, it is an essential principle. The West wants to compare the wages of posted employees, such as car transporters or construction workers, so that their rewards are the same for the same work in the same place. The East sees an obstacle to free movement and healthy competition. The debate is currently completely blocked. Everybody has their own truth, the logic of arguments and the irreconcilability of positions is considerable.