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"Babiš would make himself a martyr," says Šojdrová

Added 5/30/2017
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Echo24.cz - 30. 5. 2017
If the abuse of subsidies by Minister of Finance Andrei Babiš proves, the Czech MEP, Ms. Šojdrová, according to her words, will be the first to ask to discuss this situation in the European Parliament. However, Šojdrová thinks that the situation of a Czech media does not belong to the European soil, which she unsuccessfully appealed to the leadership of its faction of the European People's Party (EPP). The other MEPs have already decided that the Czech media will be discussed at the end of the month. In an interview with Echo24 at Strasbourg plenary session, Šojdrová said she did not want to make Babiš to be martyr attacked by the EU.