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China–Czech Republic relations

Added 11/11/2016
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ČT 24 - 10. 11. 2016
The visit of the Tibetan spiritual leader in the Czech Republic last month provoked a stormy reactions. Especially because of the meeting with Minister of Culture, which was condemned by four supreme constitutional officials by declaring that there is no change in official policies and the Czech Republic will thus not endangering a partnership with China.
The stronger the Chinese economy is, the stronger are business and political tension to entice Chinese investors to our country. By the supreme constitutional officials, the statement was necessary to maintain strategic partnership.

Daniel Herman: "Our economy is focused on export. That is true. 82 % of our export is going to European Union, 32 % to the Germany, 1 % or 2 % to the China. That means that this is particular numbers. I think that we should try to develop trade relations with anybody, but we should´t let involve the politics into it. That is what I talking about."

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