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Cuba signed the deal with EU.

Added 12/15/2016
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ČRo Radiožurnál – 12. 12. 2016
Only a few days after the argument about the legacy of Fidel Castro, Cuba and European Union signed the “groundbreaking deal”. Both sides want to develop further economic cooperation and dialog. Europe wants to support changes in the Cuban economy and society as well.
Tomáš Zdechovský: “I have been in Cuba one year ago and I saw protesters being beated, all people we have visited was arrested and brutally beaten in prison. And this is something that we need to keep in our mind during the talks with Cubean regime. We have to say that this practice isn’t acceptable and if Cuba wishes to have a good relation with European Union, they have to change the way they act, respects the law and opposition and maybe allow first democratic election.”