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Election Program 2017

Added 8/29/2017
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29. 8. 2017
A solution for three generations and one common future for the Czech Republic. The KDU-ČSL electoral program for parliamentary elections in 2017.
The title of our electoral program reflects three good old conservative values: responsibility for oneself and family, solidarity with those who can not help themselves, and respect for our home, the Czech Republic.
We see our country as a house for three generations. Its foundations are our values, traditions and culture and the roof of a democratic institution that provides us with security, protects our freedom and enables us to strive for happiness and prosperity.
KDU-ČSL's policy begins with a person. Our program is the same for children, the productive generation and the elderly. Human dignity must be preserved at all ages and every life must be protected, no one must be left alone.
Problems are solved where they arise. From the bottom, not from above. We listen to people, find out what is worrying about what they want, then look for a solution that we do not enforce, but we explain. That's how we made this program.
Our priorities are better conditions for families and upbringing of children, better education and support for science, higher wages and work for disabled, decent pensions and top health care for all, safety and justice.
We never promise what we can not accomplish, and we avoid populism and left and right extremes. The KDU-ČSL program is a program for strong middle classes. It is a pro-European and pro-Western, responsible and solidarity program.

Pavel Bělobrádek

The whole program is available here.