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Erasmus and Erasmus Plus

Added 8/5/2017
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ČRo Plus - 5. 8. 2017
Thanks to the Erasmus program, tens of thousands of Czechs have already traveled abroad. For many undergraduates this was the first experience with long-term residency in a foreign country. In the last three years, high school, pedagogic and other students can also go to Erasmus. 
Michaela Šojdrová: "Erasmus is a program that is funded by the European Union's common budget and it is good to say that this is actually something that the European Union allows. For example, we are now very concerned about the continuation of this program in cooperation with the UK. If it leaves, of course it will be much more complicated. So it is a warning, this is the Europe, this is what it offers us. We are in the committee now continuing to debate how to make administration and bureaucracy more accessible and simpler. "