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European Commission and quotas

Added 6/15/2017
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ČT24 - 13. 6. 2017
The European Commission will initiate proceedings with Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic for violating the EU legislation - on the ground of non-compliance with the migration quotas. Commissioner Dimitris Avramopulos stated that he hopes that all three countries will reconsider their attitude to migration quotas. Prime Minister Sobotka, in response to the commission's decision, reiterated that the quotas failed and pointed out that the Czech Republic will defend consistently our decision not to participate.
Of the total number of approximately 2600 people that should be accepted to the Czech Republic, only 12 migrants has arrived to the Czech republic.
Is it good that the European Commission insists on meeting the commitments or, on the contrary, failed to respond in time to the opposition that the quota system, in a number of EU countries, raises? And how do the quotas work in practice?
Record in czech language is available here