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Added 6/6/2017
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ČT24 - 6. 6. 2017
The latest terrorist attack in London has reminded us again that Europe needs its own military army, Czech Premier Bohuslav Sobotka and President of European Commission Jean Claude Juncker wrote in a joint article for the Wall Street Journal. According to them, the old continent must have its own military force that will be operational without the permission of Washington and Ankara. However, they are just a few supporters of European army, many European politicians and military officials believe that the European army is unnecessary. 

Ondřej Benešík: "I see the main pillar of the military security of Europe, the European states and the Czech Republic in NATO. At the moment when we are not even able to fulfill our commitments with NATO, the debate about the European Common Army is really only academic that has its rational core, but nowadays it is a bit premature, maybe redundant. "