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Greeting the Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly of Hungary for the Fidesz party

Added 5/27/2017
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Press release - 27. 5. 2017
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Allow me to greet you on behalf of your fellow Visegrád country Hungary and its governing party, Fidesz. It is an honour for me to represent my party here today and convey to you the message of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. I would like to thank Chairman Pavel Bělobrádek for the invitation.
We Czech and Hungarian Christian democrats have a common cause: the future of Central Europe. Not only do we want it to be prosperous, we also want to preserve our Christian cultural identity and our unique Central European character. We are in the midst of a broader European debate, where many try to convince us that either this is not important, or not possible. Allow me to remind you, Ladies and Gentlemen, that these are the same people who have said that the Schengen borders could not be protected, and who endlessly lectured us about how and why things could not be done. Yet, Hungary has protected the common European border. This could not have been done without the active contribution of the Czech government, for which we are very grateful to you. I am convinced that when it comes to our future – the future of our families and children – we Central Europeans are capable of doing what needs to be done.
Honourable Congress,
On our own, both Hungary and the Czech Republic are too small to be heard in this European debate. But if we speak a common voice, we will be listened to. This is why the Visegrád cooperation is essential. The Czech presidency of the Visegrád Group was a great success and has done a lot to build confidence among us. This is the second thing I want to thank you. On behalf of my own government, I can promise you that when we take over the rotating presidency in July, we will do everything we can to make the Visegrád Four even more successful and that we will count on the Czech government’s support. That means: your support.
But first things first. On behalf of Fidesz, I wish you courage for your fight and outstanding results in the October election.
Thank you for your attention.