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KDU-ČSL and Starostové introduced a coalition logo

Added 5/16/2017
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Press release - 16. 5. 2017
The leaders of KDU-CSL Pavel Bělobrádek and STAN Petr Gazdík introduced a coalition logo. It consists of a triangle of four gradually growing yellow strips symbolizing the family, the community, the region and the state and society. The logo is also a symbol of growth and strength.
"It's the growth that we expect. And it also symbolizes that politicians should be close to the people and families, and that they should be governed by those families, across the towns, across the regions. Governance should be from the bottom. It should not be democratic centralism, but it should be governed in such a way that the needs of people from families to communities and regions are also manifested on a nationwide scale, "said Pavel Bělobrádek, chairman of the KDU-ČSL.

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