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Pavel Bělobrádek from Prague brings a fresh wind

Added 7/27/2017
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The Hill BART MARCOIS - 27. 7. 2017
This week's revival in Washington was a visit to a European political leader who is well-known in the Transatlantic Alliance and is aware of the importance of fulfilling commitments to NATO and modernizing the armed forces. This leader is Pavel Bělobrádek, Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and Chairman of the Christian Democratic Party.
His visit was inspired by America's loyalty to transatlantic ties, as described by US Vice President Mike Pence recently in his speech in Munich. "We talked about the importance of NATO and the need for constant vigilance to prevent growing threats," said Bělobrádek in an interview.
Bělobrádek has built a unique relationship with Trump White House and Congressional leadership, thanks to its strong anchor in the beliefs and values shared here with many senior officials. They also found common ground in their determination to prevent Western civilization from growing threats. Bělobrádek made it clear that for the inhabitants of the Czech Republic, NATO membership is a source of tangible benefits and something the Czechs should be proud of.