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Plenary highlights

Added 7/12/2017
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European parliament - 12. 7. 2017
This week’s plenary session dealt with issues such as Turkey, the first ever EU-Cuba deal and anti-dumping measures. Check out our overview.
MEPs paid tribute to Simone Veil, a noted French politician and the first president of the directly-elected European Parliament who passed away on 30 June, with a ceremony held in Strasbourg on 4 July. 

Accession talks with Turkey should be suspended if the government proceeds to reform the country's constitution, said MEPs in a resolution adopted on Thursday. 

New anti-dumping rules were approved on Tuesday to help protect European firms from unfair trade practices outside the EU. 

MEPs called on the industry to come up with products that are easier to repair and to ensure nothing is made with built-in weaknesses designed to make consumer buy new products sooner.

On Wednesday MEPs backed measures to tackle communicable diseases, including proposals for free HIV tests to speed up diagnosis and treatment. 

MEPs voted in favour of the first-ever EU-Cuba deal, although MEPs expressed their opposition to any laws or measure that could harm the Cuban population. 

On Tuesday the Parliament called on EU countries to use €6.4 billion left over from last year's EU budget to finance refugee relief measures. 

Multinational companies should publicly disclose their tax situation in every EU country, said MEPs in a resolution adopted on Tuesday. Information should include net turnover, profits and tax paid.

Private security companies need to be better regulated and not allowed to enter warzones and engage in combat, said MEPs in a resolution adopted on Tuesday. No fewer than 40,000 private security firms are estimated to be based in the EU. 

MEPs approved setting up a special committee for counter-terrorism. Thirty MEPs will sit on this committee, which will operate for a year, examining and evaluating  the extent of the terrorist threat in Europe.