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Radicalization of Europe

Added 12/3/2016
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ČT 24 - Události komentáře 2.12.2016
Norbert Hofer or Alexander Van der Bellen? The country could elect the EU’s first far-right leader since Hitler as Nobert Hofer, of the Freedom Party (FPÖ), as he goes head-to-head with former Greens Party leader Alexander Van der Bellen. The election will be held on Sunday, December 4, in a re-run of a vote that was due to be held earlier this year. Should we expect another radicalization of Europe?
Tomáš Zdechovský: “Well, I am a big proponent of EU reformation as well as reformation of European Commission. One thing is criticism of European Union – we can have long and erudite discussion. But the other thing is the question of results of Saturday election and referendum in Italy. In Italy, we can see reform effort, which intends to economize on budgetary expenses, reforms their Senate and cut their powers in legislative process – the Senate´s powers are actually that big that it is almost impossible to get a new law through. Renzi either loses and leaves or stays and he should offer new solutions and pulls Italy out of that long-lasting crisis. If he won´t, Italy´s crisis will affect European Union as a whole."