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Russian army in the world

Added 10/12/2016
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ČT 24 22:00 - 11. 10. 2016
The Russia is strenghtening it´s military force in the world.In Syria, the leased naval base has changed from temporary to permanent, confirmed Nikolaj Pankov, the deputy minister of defense. The members of the parliament has already validated the contracts about permanent airforce base in Latákíja. The deputy minister also mentioned the possibility of reactivation of the Soviet Union´s facilities in Vietnam and Cuba. The russian army has also increased the number of the soldiers in Sevastopol or Kaliningrad, which is next to the states of the NATO.
Michaela Šojdrová: "I think that Czech Republic is reacting to the new security issues, we are strenghtening the defense budged, we want to be a rightfull member of the NATO, fulfill our goals we have pledged to implement. I think that the NATO is very important defense alliance for us and we need to stick to it, strenghten it"

The record is available here.