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The constitutional officials, the china and Dalai Lama

Added 10/23/2016
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ČT24 - 19.10.2016
More than 50 senators and members of the parliament have met with the leader of Tibet this morning. They disagree with a statement of the president, prime minister and chair-mans of both chambers – they refused to meet Dalai Lama and denounced the previous meeting of Dalai Lama and the minister of culture. The prime minister insists, that the statement is fully in link with position of the government. Also some universities react to this statement by flying the flag of Tibet. Where is Czech foreign policy going?
Jan Bartošek: ´´I didn´t know that president´s spokesman is performing the government policy. I don’t know if it’s the opinion of the president or is it the opinion of his spokesman. From my point of view there is not a reason, why should minister of culture leave the government. ´´

Full record in czech available here.