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Worsening of the USA-Russia relations

Added 10/6/2016
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ČT 24 22:00 - 4. 10. 2016
The United States suspended talks with Russian Federation over the protracted conflict in Syria. According to the Washington, Moscow is acting irresponsible when Russia support the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Their miliary actions has strongly negative impact on civilians. The american sources reported, that Russia has sent the anti-aircraft system to the area, even thou the opposition doesn´t have any type of aircraft. Nevertheless the United States still wants to deal about the peace in Syria, which is the same thing what Russia wants, according to the minister Lavrov. In his opinion, there are a lot of people in the US administration that wants to solve the situation by force, instead of make an agreement.
Ivan Gabal: "It´s time to close our embassy in Damascus. We can´t keep covering the crimes of the regime of the Bashar al-Assad. The ambassy don´t have the outcome, at least from the humanitarian perspective, and the embassy administration is very expensive. We could spend these resources to help people in refugee camps or to support other embassies. We need to decide, because the only thing we do in Damascus is that we cover up the dirty work and make al-Assad regime legitimate."

The full interview is available here.