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KDU-ČSL launches the campaign for accessible housing

Added 9/19/2018
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Accessible housing, security, traffic, environment and schooling, these are the issues that KDU-ČSL will focus on during its campaign for the autumn elections. The party representatives announced this at a press conference at Malostranské square in Prague on 13 September. KDU-ČSL will mainly focus on the topic of “Accessible housing” during the campaign. At the conference, KDU-ČSL presented a yellow caravan which they will use to tour the regions.
The KDU-ČSL chairman Pavel Bělobrádek said the following in his opening speech. “We do the politics for people and people know it. I hope the local and senate elections in 2018 would benefit the democracy, citizens and our children.” “Accessible housing” is going to be a priority for KDU-ČSL in the local elections. According to the vice-chairman Jan Bartošek, housing should be accessible to people of all ages. Mainly for the young people who postpone starting their own families because of the financial burden. Mr. Bartošek added the following: “We offer the support for families and their own housing that cost reasonable sums of money. The housing will be half the price of a commercial rent.”
KDU-ČSL also presented a mobile and web application at the press conference Accessible living. This application is going to help the KDU-ČSL representatives to find abandoned houses that could be renovated and that could offer new flats in the future. Jan Wolf, a candidate into the Prague Council and current Prague councillor and representative, talked about the flat building too. He said the following: “We want Prague to have wide range of flats. It means that we want to build not only the small ones but also the bigger ones. If the town accepts our programme, Prague does not need to be worried about its future.” 
The press conference was concluded by Petr Hladík, the current first deputy of the Mayor of Brno and a candidate for the Mayor. He focused on the lack of parking spaces in Brno and offered a solution. It is in a form of parking houses that would solve the everyday problems of drivers with parking and at the same time, they would save the space. Like this, there would be space left for parks for the citizens and also playgrounds.
KDU-ČSL launched the campaign today but people have already been meeting the yellow caravan that brings the topic of “Accessible housing” in towns. KDU-ČSL has the most candidates in the upcoming elections from all the other national political parties, it is almost 16,000 people.