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KDU-ČSL: Who will be the new People's Party ministers and what are their priorities?

Added 11/17/2021
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The KDU-ČSL will have three ministries in the future government. KDU-ČSL chair Marian Jurečka will be appointed to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Senator Anna Hubáčková to the Ministry of the Environment, and Zdeněk Nekula to the Ministry of Agriculture.
The biggest priority for Marian Jurecka at the Labour Ministry is pension reform, which will set up a stable system of fair pensions. "The People's Party will bring intergenerational solidarity. The education of future generations must be valued, as well as long-term care for a loved one. We must not forget this merit, we cannot take into account only the financial one," said the future Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. "We will support more flexible working conditions and offer more opportunities to reconcile family and professional life so that people can afford to spend more time with their children and caring for their loved ones," leader od KDU-ČSL added. He also wants to pay attention to the development of palliative care or accessible counselling in dealing with foreclosures and debt traps. "Last but not least, we want to introduce multi-year financing of social services and a review of social benefits, including the linking of authorities through information systems. The solution must be effective and as administratively demanding as possible," Jurečka added.

For the KDU-ČSL, it is essential that the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture work closely together in the coming period. "I want these authorities to be in a friendly relationship. It is a great advantage that both ministries will be led by ministers from the same party. It is important to me that as environmentalists we understand the everyday life of farmers and they in turn understand sustainable development," said the incoming Minister Hubáčková. Immediately after her arrival, she wants to tackle several priorities. One of them is to work on the findings of the commission of inquiry into the environmental accident on the Bečva River. "The tragedy on the Bečva must not be repeated. We have no Planet B and therefore we must protect drinking water sources in a constitutional way," Hubáčková said. Given her experience and education, Anna Hubáčková also wants to focus on water protection. "Our nature is a resource for life for all of us. We protect nature so that we can use its resources. We need water, food and clean air so that future generations can benefit from it in the same way. We need to promote biodiversity and leave wetlands and other landscape features in the landscape," Senator Hubáčková said, adding that she also wants to fight for the creation of two new national parks - Křivoklátsko and Soutok (Morava and Dyje rivers).

Just like the new Minister of the Environment, the future Minister of Agriculture Zdeněk Nekula wants to remember to protect soil, water and a diverse landscape. Quality food is also a priority for him. "It is essential for us to support steps that will lead to a reduction in pesticides and fertilisers. We need to move towards healthy landscapes and therefore healthy food. We place great emphasis on organic farming and organic food. However, we must move towards sustainability sensibly and gradually. Organic farming must not come at the expense of the farmers themselves," said Nekula. "We have long held the view that we must create favourable conditions for small and medium-sized farmers. We want to support those who work with the land in a gentle and responsible way. We believe that in this way we can also set a reasonable level of our own food self-sufficiency and security," the future minister added.