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The SPOLU coalition has launched a campaign to denounce the era of populism, looting of public finances and the decline of morality

Added 5/19/2021
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The SPOLU coalition launched its campaign for the parliamentary elections today. The leader of the coalition for prime minister stressed that the coalition's goal is not only an educated and prosperous Czech Republic belonging to the West, but also the return of values and morality to politics. The coalition leaders at Moravské náměstí symbolically sounded the alarm against the era of populism, plundering of public finances and the decline of morality.
"We bring five pieces of good news to the citizens of the Czech Republic. The first of these is clear - we can agree as a SPOLU coalition and we are ready to agree with those politicians who see the governance of the country as a service to the citizens. As the SPOLU coalition we guarantee that our country is not for sale and that we will continue to be part of the West, where we undoubtedly belong. We are convinced that the key to the future of the country is quality education, and we know how to create conditions for children where they will be less bullshit and more creative. We know that it is important to create a small but friendly state with low taxes, which will not kneel to the citizens, but will serve them. And we also know how to achieve this. The last of the five pieces of good news is certainly not the least important. We, the politicians of SPOLU, will do our utmost to bring back value and morality to Czech politics," says ODS Chairman Petr Fiala: "The era of valueless populism, lies, plundering of public finances and the decline of morality is over. The launch of our campaign is one step towards this, but the most important step is the elections. We have a good future ahead of us. Because together we will bring the Czech Republic together," says ODS chairman Petr Fiala.

"The feeling is beginning to prevail in society that change is not possible, that many groups of citizens are being forgotten, that the willingness to help each other and take care of themselves is disappearing. It is clear to us that our country is now facing a difficult period of reconstruction. The positive thing about it is that right at the very beginning we have a unique opportunity to replace the tired, worn-out and chaotic leadership of this country that has failed to cope with the crisis moments of the last pandemic year. Now it will be up to you to choose your representatives. We listen, we don't judge, we help. That's my motto in the campaign I've just launched. As part of the SPOLU coalition, we offer the silent majority of decent, hard-working people our experience, our commitment to hard work and a clear vision of how we want to lead our country out of this crisis. We do not care what is happening outside the door of your house or apartment, we have not given up on you," says Marian Jurečka, the chairman of the KDU-ČSL.

"Nothing is more important for the development of our society than a stable family. The past year has completely changed the rules of the game for parents and children. Together, we want to help families cope with all the challenges they face at this time. In the House, I have long advocated for solutions to help parents balance family life and childcare with work. It is crucial, for example, to make part-time work cheaper so that it pays off for companies. We will support working parents with increased child tax credits and introduce tax relief for mothers and carers when they return to work. Together, we think about families," said TOP 09 Chair Markéta Pekarová Adamová.