Who We are?

Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party (KDU-ČSL) is one of the oldest Czech political parties. It was founded as Czechoslovak People's Party in January 1919 by merging of several Catholic parties. The main credit for its creation belongs to Jan Šrámek, who unified the Catholic political scene in Moravia, and Bohumil Stašek, who was a leading figure of Catholics in the country. The party took part in almost every Czech Government since 1990. In the June 2006 election, the party won 7.2% of the vote and 13 out of 200 seats. But in the 2010 election, this dropped to 4.4% and they lost all their seats. In the 2013, party with new chairman, Pavel Bělobrádek, won the election with 14 seats in parliament and became part of coalition government with two ministers (culture and agriculture). The KDU-ČSL became the first party ever to return after dropping out. Since the 2017 parliamentary election KDU-ČSL is one of the opposition parties. After 8 years and 4 successful terms of the current President Mr Pavel Belobradek KDU-ČSL will chose his successor during the Congress at the end of March 2019. The Congress will also provide an unique opportunity to celebrate the 100-year anniversary making the KDU-ČSL the second oldest party in Czech republic with roots reaching deep in the 19th century.
The KDU-ČSL is a center-right-oriented, pro-European political party. Three of the KDU-ČSL members represent the Czech Republic in the European Parliament. KDU-ČSL is a member party of European Peoples’s Party.


Carer´s allowance

  • The allowance wasn’t raised since 2007
  • The KDU-ČSL wants simplify the procedure of obtaining the contribution
  • In conformity with KDU-ČSL family policy
    • Self-contained life of a handicapped people
    • Home care of old, ill and dying people
  • One of KDU-ČSL´s essential value is dignified human life from birth to the death.
"We want a handicapped and ill people to live their lives with dignity by their own decisions among beloved ones until the very end."

Ecology – landscaping, dry season, flooding

  • One of the goals of the ministry of agriculture was a struggle against the dry seasons and flooding, which is directly linked with keeping the water in the landscape
  • Special focus on the regional themes and problems
  • Every decision must be made with a respect to the landscape and the nature

Science, research, university education, knowledge economy, smart solutions

  • Specific suggestions:
    • Science centers as an engine for a regional development – connection between the regional universities and the private sector
    • Reassessment of funding for a science (fundamental change or cancellation of list of the czech reviewed non-impact journals – funding only those that are registered in the databases ERIH, Plus, Scopus and WoS)
    • Improve of funding for a post graduals – enhance connection between them and the research
    • Friendly family policy for a university pedagogues (a large amount of mothers with a part-time jobs)
    • Grants for a postdoctoral posts and posts of hosting professors
  • The KDU-ČSL will organize talks between representatives of a universities on these matters to find a mutual solutions to a mutual problems

Foreign policy – migration

  • Current position of the KDU-ČSL to a migration is well known and consistent (helping in certain countries and cooperation with the specific refugees camps)
  • „We come up with consistent, rational and non-hysterical solution“